New Microgaming Slot Atlantean Treasures Mega Moolah Shows How Developers Can Find Su

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by , 25 February 2020 at 12:30 am (106 Views)
On February 11, casino game developerMicrogaming announced five new slot games that would be releasedduring the month by developers it works with. Alchemy Gaming's Wheelof Wishes takes players to the desert on February 11, Crazy ToothStudio's Seven 7's is a nautical adventure that launches on February18, and Just for the Win's magical forest slot Wonder Woods launcheson February 20. There's also All41 Studios' Space Enigma whichmatches gems and stars when it launches on February 27.

The most exciting game it announced, though, was AtlanteanTreasures Mega Moolah, which is an underwater slot that uses the MegaMoolah jackpot. It may not have any of the animals seen in the firstMega Moolah slot but turning it into a series could be hugelysuccessful for the developer.

What is Atlantean Treasures Mega Moolah?

Developed by Neon Valley Studios, Atlantean Treasures MegaMoolah leaves behind the lions, zebras, and giraffes in Mega Moolahfor creatures that you can find under the sea. The reels of this slotgame feature symbols such as seahorses and starfish as well as theexciting mermaid symbol which lets players respin.

The slot launches on February 25. A list of casinos where itwill be available has not been confirmed but sites such as theSkyCity Online Casinooffer some of Microgaming's most popular slots such as Vampire: TheMasquerade - Las Vegas Online Slot and Diamond Empire. It alsoregularly adds new casino games to enjoy from slots to table casinogames such as blackjack and roulette, making it a likely placefor the new Mega Moolah slot to show up.

Why Are Series More Successful Than New IP?

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The Atlantean Treasures Mega Moolah slot could potentiallysee huge success because it uses the Mega Moolah jackpotand the prizes for this jackpot can be seen on the left. However, thegame could also be popular because it is a new game in a series andisn't a new IP.

Games in a series are often more successful than new IPs becauseplayers know what sort of gameplay they will be getting.With Atlantean Treasures Mega Moolah, players also know whatsort of rewards will be available. If they liked the first MegaMoolah game then they will probably like this one. For new IP, theyhave to show players how they are entertaining and this can bedifficult to do. An article about Minecraft by GamesIndustry.bizshows that new IP can sometimes be incredibly popular on their ownbut it's much easier to get people playing when there are other gamesin the series to look at. Minecraft has also kept its popularitybecause it announced other games in the series, such asMinecraft Dungeons and Minecraft: Story Mode.

For Microgaming, it was probably quite easy to choose to make aseries out of Mega Moolah as so many players enjoy the game. However,other slot game developers can also create a series if they feel thatit has a strong theme or story that few other games are offering.

This is what NetEnt has done with the Blood Suckers slot. In thesecond game, Blood Suckers 2, NetEnt created a new vampire characterand a story about finding treasure. Developers who would like to makea successful series could plan to do something like this.
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