Responsible Gambling Makes It Safer To Play At Online Casinos

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by , 24 August 2016 at 10:26 am (2909 Views)
The modern online casino is akin to that of a mall; it offers everything from live casinos, a robust selection of games by different vendors, superb promotions, cash back on losses, VIP programs and a responsible gaming policy. This article covers responsible gambling and why it's imperative that operators must offer them.

Online gambling is now a multi billion dollar industry, it goes without saying that competition among operators are beyond fierce. To entice them to sign up up players are roped in with compelling bonuses and cash back on losses. Unfortunately some players get overwhelmed by all the lucrative offers and great games, they become problem gamblers.

A Bridge Too Far?

Despite redefining gambling, online casinos are often slated by anti-gambling lobbyists since they 'induce' players with all kinds of lucrative offers which can be detrimental to the player.

Although they market them as 'entertaining sites' their sole purpose is to make money and lots of it. As a result it can have a negative impact on the financial and social well being of the player and society at large.

In 2012 the State University of New York released a paper, in it it states that approximately 5 out of every 100 gamblers have some form of gambling addiction (5%). To break it down, it goes so far by stating that 75,000 young adults aged between 14 and 21 are addicted to gambling.

The British Gambling Prevalence Surveys (BGPS) got in on the act too. Heather Wardle, Project Director of BGPS said that gambling addiction in the UK is on the rise and expressed her concerns:

''Punters often get into financial difficulties. When the problem is extreme, they use various strategies to get more money in order to gamble and, in the most extreme situations, they will commit crime.''

According to the BGPS the picture looks somewhat grim, it points out that 7% of Britons have become gambling addicts.

How To Curb Problem Gambling

Taking the latest figures into account the UK's Responsible Gaming Strategy (RGSP) ( www.rgsb.org.uk/images/stories/For_consultation_RGSB_Strategy_2016-2019.pdf) called for mitigating circumstances. It proposed that the Government comes down hard on casinos flouting the responsible gaming policies laid down by the Gambling Commission. The report stated that it's often difficult to lesson the risks associated with gambling.

The Responsible Gaming Strategy Proposed The Following:

  • The UK's Gambling Commission (UKGC) must revise the aggressive advertising and marketing campaigns and compel operators to beef up their social responsibility campaigns especially when it comes to minors.
  • Online casinos must monitor gamblers that show signs of gambling addiction and refer them to proper counseling. And, they must educate players about the negative aspects of excessive gambling.
  • If one compares gambling addiction of land-casinos to that of online casinos it's skewered. Research points out that gambling addiction among land-based players are far more prevalent than online gambling's (http://calvinayre.com/2015/05/05/bus...blem-gambling/) Players who wager at Internet casinos tend to be from the upper echelons of society, better educated and more affluent.

CasinoLuck's Top-Notch Responsible Gaming Policy

The good news is that not all web casinos are out to 'milk' the player and it's great to see an operator that has the best interest of its players in mind. One such operator is CasinoLuck. When you click on the 'Responsible Gaming' tab (https://www.casinoluck.com/ResponsibleGaming) at the footer section of the site a page opens up outlining the operator's responsible policy:

It asks potential problem gamblers a series of questions such as: Does gambling prevent you from attending work or college?,

Do you gamble to escape boredom or pass time?, Have you lied, stolen or borrowed money to maintain your betting habits? If a player answers yes to all these questions, chances are pretty good they have a problem gambling habit and must contact the casino manager at support@casinoluck.com

The operator states that it uses filtering software that prevents minors from signing up and offers players responsible gaming tools like deposit and session limits as well as a cooling off period.

Players can decide how much they want to deposit and how long they want to play. If they wagered more than they intended, they can ask the operator to self-exclude them from the casino for a period of 6 months up to one year.