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    Default British Parliament Group Targets Online Gambling: APCW Perspectives for 26 June, 2020

    British Parliament Group
    Targets Online Gambling

    The All Party Parliamentary Group for Gambling Related Harm
    has concluded a year long "study" which seemed destined to
    find exactly what they were looking for: Gambling related harm.
    Now their suggestions could devastate our industry in the UK.
    We're also looking at stories from Sweden, Holland and the US.


    Links to News Stories:

    UK Parliamentary Group Report:
    GC hits back at APPG:
    Robinhood Customer Suicide:
    ASA Bans Ads:
    Swedish Online Casino Limits:
    Dutch Postponement:

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    Interestingly enough, I recently read a news article regarding the online games industry during the pandemic and since just the beginning of June only (and not from March through to May when the pandemic actually started), there has been a significant drop in people looking to play online casino games. The reason for this drop in the number of people searching for online games is because those players have already found the online casinos that they wish to play at and no longer wish to play at or search for them anymore.

    While so many other industries have struggled and continue to struggle through this horrible pandemic, the experts forecast that the current short term development of the online gambling market will actually turn out to be an accelerated long term development. I wonder how this will come to happen. We’ll just have to wait and see.

    This coronavirus is crippling the world and continues to put a lot of people out of business

    And now, Coles and Woolworths have reintroduced the restrictions on toilet paper and tissue boxes because people are panic buying again in Australia.

    We're not out of the woods yet. Not by a long shot.

    There are still so many people who are disregarding the social distancing guidelines and being totally irresponsible about it all. Including the decision of various governments to lift restrictions to an extent (with the possibility of more restrictions being lifted in the foreseeable future) will be a costly mistake I believe. This will now start leading to new covid19 cases rising again and this whole disaster repeating all over again in a vicious never ending cycle.

    Even in the UK, they're going to the Brighton beach in large numbers and only in the last 24 hours, there have been 149 deaths recorded. No one's taking any notice of how crucial it is that we need to stick together through all of this and be considerate of others. Especially the elderly and children.

    When will this nightmare ultimately end?

    If only more could be done about it..

    Good to see you again JT and a very good video mate.
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    I'm pretty sure that established (UK) sports books, that also operate casinos actually saw growth on the gaming side of the business during this pandemic.

    I can't see the government banning iGaming ads. Not in the immediate future at least.

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    Sheesh the nerve of people thinking they can just be in a public place or drive on a road, they had to have seen your camera.


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