I sent them 1-2 players before some days and they did not appear in my stats. I only have the clicks on my banners, but no registration, no deposit etc. and i know 1 guy and asked him, if he deposit and he did. So That guy should at least showed up in the tool! So i tried to sent them a message over the tool, but WTF i cant even click on the button to sent it. When i click, nothing happened. Looks like the have some very good programers. Ok,no problem at all, so i tried to sent them an email , oh stop 1 .. i mean 1000....no answer so far. I mean i gove a **** about, if they respond or not, BUT i want a perfect tracking and a payout. I mean bewinners was so much better...tracking worked 99% and payments always in time...but this **** here, is the biggest joke ever. Has anyone contact to those clowns or think also that the tracking f**ks us all rly hard?