I've decided to take a chance in the casino/gaming niche, apart from sports betting. There's an opportunity to get some SE traffic from USA, UK and some other countries (but mainly US) in this specific niche so I said "let's give it a shot". Since I have all the needed tools, why not?

The first problem is that I don't know good casino affiliate programs. I have bet365, Unibet, Bwin, 1xbet (well...) and I can get others, but these are mainly sports betting companies. I realised I know nothing about online gaming and I guess there are TONS of online casinos.

Second problem: traffic will be (hopefully) mostly from USA. Of course, some UK, some FR, some JP, but USA will cover over 50% of the traffic. What can I sell to US traffic? Golden apples?

I know some casinos market themselves as "accepting US customers" (Bovada, for example) but what's the legal status here?

I just read a thread here where someone was asking the same thing, related to the legal aspects of promoting online casinos. Nothing conclusive.

So, third problem is: should I need to be extra-careful? Is there a relationship between the brand you choose to promote and the level of trouble you can get into?