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    Question Casinos Advertising on Poker News Site

    Guys, first post over here I have a poker news site and lately started to track the behaviours of my visitors. What i've found is that there is a pretty large subgroup that returns to my site several times/week for latest poker news but generally is not interested in a poker websites promotion materials(poker ads burnout effect). I'am thinking how to monetize them and basically the only option is to start advertising casinos(sport betting, slots). My question to experienced gambling web-masters: is it even worth bothering about? how poker traffic converts into casino leads? I suspect very poorly? or its ok to try? thank you.

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    Yes in my opinion I think it is worth it.

    Whether you decide to also add pages and other content to capture the attention of more visitors is a decision you will have to make, but I think you should start trying more casino ads right away.

    The conversions might end up surprising you in the long term.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mitya View Post
    I'am thinking how to monetize them and basically the only option is to start advertising casinos(sport betting, slots).
    From my point of view you may advertise casino, but try to use casino banners and casino landing with pokers-side games. For example: tri card poker, golden oasis poker, pai-gow poker, casino holdem, carribean stud poker, four card poker, high 5 poker e.t.c.

    In these games players play against house. Casinos create this games spesial for poker players. This is different game class, this is not games of skill, this is games of chances, but they use the same poker terminology, combinations e.t.c. And average, non-professional player have more chanses to win at this poker based games than in classic club poker.

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    My experience: on sport site casinos convert poorly, poker slightly better. But what works is cross channel, so people sign up for sports but then gamble massively for casino. So my opinion is that casino banners on poker site make less sense than the burned out poker banners.
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    Yes it's definitely worth it, without any doubt. You will gradually start to see the results and your hard work will really pay off. You've got nothing to lose by doing this and your customers will become more interested and involved in your site and will come back wanting to see more.

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