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    Default ComeOn! in we're open

    Introducing ComeOn! earn 'Award Winner 2012'

    Hello again everyone,

    Thanks for the warm welcome we have received from GPWA members so far. Welcome to our private forum section where we plan to keep everyone up to date with latest promos, new releases and so on.

    As many of you know, we have been rather busy at ComeOn! earn putting some finishing touches on our program before officially partnering with GPWA.

    The earlier you start to promote, the larger share of players you will be able to attract in the initial gold rush period. We've seen many companies wait before launching their affiliate programs, but we aren't so greedy.

    As ever, I am here to answer any questions you may have about our program, and am happy to take you guys through the unique features on a one-to-one basis or field them on here. Any feedback on our program is greatly appreciated!

    I am fully aware that GPWA members are bombarded on a daily basis with operators trying to get you to promote their affiliate program. But, I thought I would just write a quick summary of our program below.

    Finally, it was great seeing lots of you in London, and looking forward to catching up with you all in Dublin, I'm really excited about our stand, so hit me up with a PM and make sure you drop by.

    ComeOn! earn

    Winner of the Best Newcomer Affiliate Program Award IGB 2012 ComeOn! earn offers the very best of casino, sportsbook and poker.

    Utilising award winning NetRefer reporting tools, which are deemed to be the best in the industry, our program has made a name for itself by being simple, friendly and fun.

    Taking advantage of our innovative program is easy, the features sell themselves. Our sign up conversion rates are amongst the best in the industry. You just need to decide which USP to push.

    - Pioneers of Single Wallet across all products
    - Playing 5 casino games at the same time

    - First EU site offering tax-free poker against US players

    - Quick Sign-up feature

    - Video previews in the Casino Lobby

    - Cross Product Bonuses

    ComeOn! earn will deliver all the features you require as an affiliate to evaluate the performance of your marketing efforts though casino, sportsbook and poker. With extensive reporting tools, media serving of a wide range of banners and accurate tracking guaranteed.

    We can provide you with special banners, landing pages as well as customized registration forms. These are all great tools that increase the conversion rate and create a closer connection between your site and ours. On top of that, we can also supply you with Free-Money games that you can embed in your site and increase our brand presence.

    Despite our fun and exciting approach, we understand the value of every customer and their needs. With our very own in house 24 hour customer support and probably the best affiliate managers around, we work hard to earn our affiliates trust, our players trust and to maintain it.

    Unlike other affiliate programs ComeOn! earn will not hide costs within terms and conditions, our aim is to be transparent at all times.

    This means, complete transparency with our net revenue calculations, t&c’s and we will not penalise affiliates with negative carryovers. No confusion. No frustration. Everything is simple.

    The ComeOn! vibe is spreading to a television somewhere near you! Be prepared! ComeOn! earn

    Join us here

    You can also find us on facebook & twitter

    Here's to a prosperous 2012!

    The ComeOn! earn A-Team
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    Hi ComeOn affiliate team.

    First off, welcome to GPWA, nive to see your brand participate here

    There are many good things happening at ComeOn, but I do have a little comment!

    One of the last things the post above mentions is this below:
    This means, complete transparency with our net revenue calculations.....

    Well well, all deductions are listed as "Customer Account", these deductions can be anything, Bonuses, Transaction Fees, Rakeback, points etc etc.

    That is not transparent in my mind. There is absolutely no way to see what deductions are for.

    Just my 2 cents, again welcome to GPWA

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    thanks for give new idea.i think we should try.

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