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David vs. Goliath

We have all read or have been told of the biblical account of David versus Goliath, a story of epic proportions, where the unfancied David overcomes all odds and beats the larger and seemingly superior Goliath. It is a story that has resonated through the ages and found itself being told even in our own times, edited to be more relevant for the 21st century struggles. It gives hope and strength to the underdogs of every age while giving a warning to the strong and powerful about becoming over-confident.

In our days and with the way our society has developed, it has given arise to plenty of David vs. Goliath battles in all spheres of life.

To bring it into context with the gaming world, even in this industry there are a few igaming ‘Goliath’s’ who have been around for years who have been safe without pushing the boundaries of their superiority and numerous ‘David’s’ trying to fight for survival and to keep afloat.

When mentioning about Goliath’s in this industry, we usually mean the gaming companies with the most customers, with the highest turnover and with strong advertising. But that doesn’t always suggest that the Goliath is more specialised or skilled in what he is offering. As the age old story has taught us, appearances can be deceiving. With long term power comes complacency, a tendancy to shy away from pushing the envelope to create something that can cement their dominance, rather relying on tried and tested methods. With all his might and strength Goliath failed to beat David because of his flexibility, skill and ability to see the big man’s fatal flaws.

And here is where comes in. Although a new casino that has entered a very saturated market, we have built a platform with the skills and features to set it apart from the rest. While the big guns have been stagnating due to years of a ‘rinse and repeat’ attitude, we are in a unique position to really create a ‘step-change’ for online casinos by providing the players an experience that other casinos cannot.

With a group of industry veterans behind the scenes running the show and with the flexibility and the technology to provide a personal experience to each and every customer, we guarantee an experience unlike any other and with the most diverse gaming open platform to entertain you, while boasting “a one of a kind” bonus structuring system that tailors the bonus to match your individual needs and play.

Experience a level of transparency that other casinos can only aspire to. We have gone to long lengths to develop technology which you simply will not find elsewhere. Our RTP calculator, which will be feeding you with a direct analysis of your play, will ensure you full time transparency and peace of mind while you play through a bonus package you created to your style of play when you opened your account.

This unparalleled commitment to provide you with an experience like no other, we have implemented a real time wagering panel to accurately display your requirements. We have revolutionised the way you can choose a bonus by allowing you to tailor your bonus to suit your play from a variety of 1st, 2nd, 3rd & monthly bonuses.

Goliath has taken his eye off the ball, this is David’s time to show the world what it can do.