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    Quote Originally Posted by Sherlock View Post
    This is ridiculous. If true, they chase affiliates with really poor threat, that disawoving their links will hurt them (which is not a fact but speculation).
    I have a side project about internet security, we emailed Willhill (few times I think), because we have found real problems with the "hidden image links" as I quote the link above and no one responded.

    I must admit that I really like Google strict policies. Who does not care is hit, who cares is the winner. Yes it is not democracy, but fortunately enough Google is not an insane totalitarian.

    Please contact he will be happy to share more details with you and hear about your side project


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    The problem with corporations I have is, that this repeats over and over. Then I got pissed off in public, and because there is the standard PR rule: "respond to angry person and forward him/her to appropriate department". It may seem great, but it is just an excuse. Because then I will lose many hours with email exchnages, trying to explain how we can detect fraud etc and nobody bothers.

    I will tell - generally - one thing here. This is how hackers or the other side is created, because it is really frustrating to try to be good and see just ignorance.

    It is always the same story withmy public complaints and I honestly do not believe I can get somewhere after the complaint. Good companies care for their good without evaluating their public image.
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