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    Default First promoted brand - at what traffic level?

    I am curious at what point a new sports betting affiliate site starts promoting the first bookmaker in the current industry situation in 2019.

    Is it well after you get a substantial amount of traffic to your site? Do bookies just ignore you and not waste time to negotiate anything with you if you have traffic below a substantial level? If so, roughly how much is deemed to be substantial?

    Or are some bookies happy to be advertised at your site even when the site is very recently launched with very small traffic? My guess is that new brands would potentially be happy to do this? Or no one cares at all until you show them traffic numbers that your site is actually worth investing their time in?

    I assume there is no definitive answer and depends on individual negotiations but wanted to know what usually happens.

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    Immediately, why risk losing a single visitor to someone else's portal to follow their link instead of yours?

    Continue to work on your site, continue to add more content, as your visitor count increases, so does the traffic to your affiliate links over time.


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