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    Thumbs up Forum Improvements suggestion

    Hi guys,

    What minor changes do you think should be implemented on GPWA?

    I believe these would be beneficial:

    • Tagging usernames with @
    • Top recent thanked content list on the main forum page
    • Money-Making, Sports/Fitness, Motivation and Video Game forum sections (Private Hobby forum section should branch out and should be made public)
    • Seasonal competitions with prizes
    • Less similar sub-forums like General Chatter/Freshman forum and those which aren't active like Affiliate Tracking Audits, Member Site Reviews
    • Tech Talk, Poker & Sports Betting Sections are useful and should be made public (more content for everyone + would be picked up by Google)
    • You should be able to see members who are viewing the topic
    • Some Silver Partner Brands don't even have any topics there and the list takes too much valuable space, so the full list should only be shown once expanded with a mouse click + it would be a reason for brands to go for Gold/Platinum.

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    Usernames will not get an @ added, and in fact usernames are not supposed to have domain names, a plugin we used to use stopped that but something changed with an update that messed that up. Also, the simple addition of the @ symbol would likely cause similar issues as some bots would immediately expect an email address, not sure how that would affect things.

    Adding the @ is not logical as some use a brand name, some a site name, some a personal name so it doesn't really fit many thousands of current members. The method that other forum software using the @ seems completely illogical since linking to forum member profiles provides far more information then most forum allows.

    We likely will not be adding the basic money-making forums, we are a gambling affiliate forum for 20 years, there are plenty of the basic money-making forums and sites scattered across the net. Adding a large variety of forums and topics or trying to reach additional niche's is not appealing since we do want to stay focused on our current niche.

    The suggestion for a video game section has been discussed previously, so that is not entirely out of the scope, but a section that simply targeted games and gamers and not gambling does not fit the niche. (although some members may have sites that do)

    Any forums that are Private will stay private at all times, at no point are threads or posts that were made by someone expecting it to be private be made public. Exceptions to this are when a single post is made with no other input are requested to be moved, or at least when ALL participants of the thread agree to the single thread being moved.

    As for tech talk and other subsections that are in private, those topics are always acceptable in public also, but based on many suggestion in previous years it was decided fewer top level subsections were always requested by the members, but we could certainly consider additional subsections in public after we do some restructuring later this quarter. (I will make sure your suggestions are saved for our discussions)

    Based on privacy, those viewing threads are not listed, and in fact some members that visit even set their personal privacy to not even show when they are online.

    All threads that are public are always shown as available, even when empty, as this at least shows visitors the forums are there if they chose to want to post in them. While I agree completely with you it would be better to have more involvement, we do not feel turning off the showing of the empty forums will not do that, but we hope to move toward better ways to get more sponsors involved in more public discussions.

    As for the top, recent and thanked being on main, we considered that but a number of members thought that was spammy and also suggested it would lead to more, less constructive posts in order to make that list (not sure if that is true but maybe)

    As for moving some forums around, we actually have plans to do such, but have not had a chance to get that completed, but we will be working on that during this new quarter most likely. We will be mostly moving some of the threads where the motivation is a product or service to be sold traded etc will be restructured. During our restructuring discussions we are also studying if any other forums might be needed.


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