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    Default Four SEO Tips Even Your Mother Would Love

    Some people cringe when they hear “search engine optimization” or better known in the internet marketing world as SEO. Search Engine Optimization is the art of upgrading and modeling your content according to the guidelines and requirements of search engines. This is a constant battle webmasters have. People have different philosophies on what are the best ways to do SEO. And the landscape of SEO is constantly changing as the search engines get smarter. But we have four SEO tips that stand the test of time, and even your mother would love them.


    The SEO title and description fields have long been a staple to use when creating new posts and pages. And nothing has changed today. You should still focus on using easy to read titles with your keyword properly placed in them. The description should be a little longer sentence about what your content has. These two items show up when someone searches and finds you in the search engine. So making them catchy is great for click through conversions.


    Some people just start typing. Paragraph after paragraph without ever splitting it up. You need to be using Headings. H1 is your title header. H2 should be the main separator between topics within your content. And then even H3 if you need to split up a H2 even further. These are crucial for SEO and should be used in every piece of content.

    Thinking about using your keywords within your content is huge as well. You want to use them often without overdoing it. Definitely use your keywords near the beginning of your content.


    You should always use images in your content as well. Most people already do this. But go one step further to help your SEO. Fill out the “meta” information on the image after you insert it. Add a Title, Description and Alt tag to the image. Use keywords about your content and about the image within these tags. This will help with SEO and ultimately with rankings.


    Years ago, getting as many external links as you could was a common practice with SEO experts. Not so much anymore. But internal linking within your content is still huge! For instance, if you create a blog post about dogs. Then the next day you create a 2nd blog post about all animals. Be sure to internally link from that 2nd blog post, to your first blog post, using the keywords you are targeting. It is simply a good practice and helps with SEO.

    Hopefully these four simple, yet effective, SEO tips can help you — and your mother — make some money with your websites.

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    haha, pretty sure most people's mothers would be simultaneously cringing, face-palming and silently mouthing WTF when they see a retro list like this for the 500th time since 2002.

    Looking forward to your 'Affiliates Guide to MySpace'

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