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    Default Future of Brick & Mortar Casinos

    There was a time, perhaps still is, that physically going to a casino provided a huge rush. If we look at Las Vegas it continually changes itself with new and exciting casinos and attracts millions, but you have to travel there or any physical casino sometimes at a significant cost. Having been to Vegas many times on business, not to gamble, there has always been a certain profile of gamblers.

    In recent years online gambling has taken off provide those who wish to gamble the pleasure of doing so from home and even more recently through their mobile devices. No matter where players are they can now enjoy their favourite games and take advantage of many promotions and bonuses that they otherwise could not have access to at a land casino. As the less tech savvy continue to visit land based the more tech advanced tack advantage of online gaming, in particular mobile. As the less tech savvy segment diminishes so will the need for land based casinos.

    We already hear rumblings of land based casinos struggling, getting more involved in online casinos and those not redeveloping themselves losing their share of the market.

    As time goes on and access to online is easier, more accessible and convenient land based casinos will struggle if they donít transform themselves. I think there will always be a Vegas or similar destination but it may not look the same as it does today. Look at what happened in other popular casino destinations.

    Some thoughts for discussion Ö..

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    Nothing beats a stack of clay chips in your hand...
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    Quote Originally Posted by allfreechips View Post
    Nothing beats a stack of clay chips in your hand...
    Exactly. Plus most, if not all online casinos, don't have a VIP manager/Pit boss on duty 24/7 365. There's nothing worse than being told by support, sorry you'll have to wait till Monday or whatever, as there is noone here to solve your VIP issue.

    This never happens at a Land based casino.

    If online casinos want to be considered equeal to land based, then they need to offer the same services etc. That includes the above, and 24/7 365 days almost imstant withdrawals. As it stands now, most online casinos are just pseudo casinos.
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    Places like Las Vegas will survive. But, not necessarily with just gambling. Las Vegas develops, from a gamblers city it made a kind of transition to a tourist place for all kind of tourist. Not just gamblers.

    Personally, I think there will be also in the future a demand to land-based casinos. Of course, online gambling took a lot of the pie of land-based gambling, but I suppose for some people it is just different things.

    To me too. I like land-based casinos. The atmosphere, eating there something with friends, playing a game. It's like a night out.

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    Yes over the last few years I have noticed the ads I see to entice central Florida folks to make the 70 mile trip over the Tampa casino is centered more around the "night out" the restaurants, clubs and "fun" aspects and the gaming is shown, but to a lesser degree then the other aspects.

    In fact there are a few series of ads that are all about the "guys night out" or the "girls night out" being the focus of their male/female targeting... My guess is these specific ads are shown more during specific time frames such as sporting events or other time slots and networks where the demographics of the audience fits better.

    Also interesting to note since I watch more streaming content and even streaming news networks etc, I see very little of the ads, and usually only see them if I have regular channels on.


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    There will always be a place for Bricks and Mortar Casinos it's a Social Outing these Days Movie, Dinner, Gamble etc not just about the Gambling.

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    IMO, Vegas will always be Vegas. Yes, there are advantages with playing online or mobile casinos, but some people still prefer the hype and glory of winning around a lot of people. Also, I agree with Triple7 that gambling places become more of tourist destinations because of the atmosphere, the chance to physically play games with friends, and the food!

    I think because of the continuous improvements being done on the two platforms, they will always provide exciting experiences for both online casino players and brick-and-mortar players.

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    Brick and mortar casinos(the 4 and 5 star ones!) will always blow away online gambling. No comparison. It's like comparing watching porn on your laptop or getting a real lap dance at the strip club. Night and day. I love going to the vegas, sending the wife off to the spa in the afternoon and hitting the tables at Ceasars and Bellagio or watch games at the sportsbook for a few hours until she's done. Then we go off and do married couple stuff lol(ie pool, restaurants, shows, shopping) before ending the night letting her pick the numbers on roulette or play some blackjack. I love it.
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