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Thread: Google Disavow

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    You can only sit back and wait. Personally, I am in a big doubt that the disavow tool is working nowadays. It looks like a waste of time.

    The situation is more simple than you may think. Especially in our niche, gambling & sports betting.

    You can already see fresh sites ranking great in top keywords, while they have very few or no backlinks at all, while many famous big sites with millions of backlinks (half of them paid) are ranking 2nd or 3rd page.

    This niche is full of maggots. And we are not the only ones who know this. Google knows this too. Probably you already know that Google ranks way different sites depending on the niche. If you enter the health niche, for example, you will discover a whole different world regarding the way to rank.

    During the last six months, I am watching closely what is going on with google updates, ups and downs. The only conclusion I made until now is that fewer spam links will help more than 100 normal links.

    It may sound crazy, but things are changing. At least to our niche. For me, it's better to consecrate on removing poor links instead to build new ones. 99% of SEO's will say the opposite. So probably I am the crazy one? I don't know.

    I am not saying that you don't need links. Just have in mind quality instead quantity.

    I have seen new sites with no backlinks ranking the first page on high volume keywords. They just use local versions using href lang. NO backlinks at all. But they rank better than a 15 years old, well-established site.

    About removing poor links, there are many problems. And are getting worse when there are doubts that disavow tool does nothing.

    It's pitty but you will face webmasters that never reply, sites with no contact info, Blogspot pages with no real owners, while google spam report is also ignoring submissions.

    If disavow does nothing at all, we are alone in the air. And in most cases, we cannot remove links, for the reasons above.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Isaiah View Post
    You can download the links from the new GSC.

    I see no limit there.

    Thanks. Somehow I never noticed this part of the UI. I always brought my eyes straight to the columns and this drop down menu had eluded me until you posted the screenshot

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