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    Default Harry Reid: No deal on Internet poker

    Those who were hoping that an online poker provision would be attached to the payroll tax bill will have to find hope somewhere else. U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said yesterday that online poker legalization was not contained in the bill.

    From the GPWA:

    As details of the tax cut bill were being unfurled, Reid, the Senate majority leader from Nevada, said online poker was not in it. He did not elaborate on a quick comment made to a reporter as he entered a Senate elevator.

    Poker players had invested in some hope the payroll tax bill could be the setting to legalize poker-playing on the Internet and establish sets of rules for games to be licensed and overseen by a federal agency and the states.

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    Come on Reed, where is all that money Vegas has been pouring into your coffers going? They want their ROI!
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    What I like about politicians is how they always take care of the voter's interests.

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