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    Default How to drive your affiliates up the wall - Real life lessons from Bwin/Party

    The story beneath is to let you know you are not the only one Bwin affiliate who is suffering with Bwin/Party aff program, the company and there affiliate managers. (and also for therapeutic reasons for myself as I am almost going crazy)

    The **** hit the fan around the summer when the Bwin/Partypartners platform came in the air. Here I had to sign up for the Spanish market, the other markets would remain temporarily the same using the Bewinners platform. My Dutch aff manager Timothy unfortunately left Bwin and I only had contact with Santosh, the Spanish aff manager (I guess he is Spanish).

    Around late November I suddenly could no longer log in on both platforms. I sent an email to Santosh and heard nothing. Few days later I sent another email and one week later (?) I got an answer that both my accounts were blocked because I was active on the Belgium market with a .be domain promoting Bwin on this domain. WTF?? I don not own a .be domain.

    This turned out to be a site of some other affiliate and after I had convinced Santosh that this was not my website (thanks to the WHOIS), both accounts were released again. Meanwhile three weeks elapsed and I noticed a dropdown in my stats.

    Ofcourse I had some questions about this stange action but I never received an answer from Sanotsh (Why not first send an email to an affiliate instead of direct closing accounts? What happened in the meantime with my stats and signups? etc etc). Very annoying because in my stats I could see a decline in that month in NPA's. Could be a coincidence but when you have new NPA's every month this is very suspicious.

    I sent Santosh another email and asked him to answer those questions and also asked when my Bewinners account will be converted to bwin/partypartners platform, again no answer.

    To close things out, I decide to create new affiliate links but now a new problem occurs; in bwin/partypartners platform I can only create links for, not for and in the Bewinners platform I can only create links for

    So I emaild Santosh again to solve this problem, no answer.

    In early February I got the (standard) email that I had no new NPA's in the past month and that I have don't bring in new NPA's within sixty days my account will be closed.

    WTF?? How should I get new NPA's when as my aff links do not work??

    So I emaild Santosh again to solve this problem, no answer.

    Then out of nowhere comes an email from Santosh saying my Bewinners account has been migrated to the bwin/partypartners platform. So I have now two accounts on the bwin/partypartners platform??

    The email also tells me my new account is still blocked because I am active on the Belgium market and this is forbidden. Santosh also sends a link with a Bwin review from my Dutch website saying that I have to remove the Bwin banners and link from this page. WTF?? So unreasonable.

    So I emaild Santosh again explaining that this is a Dutch website for Dutch traffic. I can not help that has indexed my pages in Does Bwin knows that we speak the same language in Belgium and Holland? Google knows!

    Of course no respond from Santosh.

    Meanwhile a friend of mine was so kind to visit the Bwin booth for me at the LAC last week. Asking those other affiliate managers for their email address so I also send them an email about this whole soap but (obviously) no answer.

    Meanwhile the clock is ticking and my aff links are dead at the moment, so frustrating.

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    Sounds like a complete nightmare, I know a few other people who have been driven mad by Bwin/Party.

    You should consider doing what I do, only work with people who want to work with you. You can't build a business based on a relationship like the above.

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