We would like to inform you of the following important developments with One Club Casino and our affiliate program:

1. Early this week, One Club Casino was updated with a completely new processor. The management has decided to take a more aggressive approach towards processing US transactions and we are happy to inform you that we expect an 80% approval rate on all credit card deposits. This will drastically improve our conversion rates and it will be a huge opportunity for our affiliates to earn more with our partnership.

2. Along with the new processor, we have also established a new customer support center and CRM ticketing facility which will allow customers to get friendly customer support while our internal ticketing system will ensure customer requests get processed in the most efficient manner.

3. We have implemented an URL change from www.oneclubcasino.com to www.1clubcasino.com which will become the new official URL for the Casino. The original domain was named in the Kentucky domain seizure some time ago and management feels it's appropriate to change the URL so that we have complete control over the casino domain. We have taken this opportunity to implement some website improvements aimed at increasing conversion rates. We welcome feedback on the new design. Please note: you are not required to update your affiliate links - we continue to track 100% of your traffic.

4. Last and certainly not least, One Club Casino celebrates these exciting changes by DOUBLING the new player welcome bonus to a massive 250% bonus, up to $777 Free. Thatís not all. On December 1st, one lucky player win drive away in a 2009 Harley Davidson! Between now and November 30th, every $50 win on Slots, Keno, and Video Poker counts towards one ballot in a draw for the chance to win the new motorcycle.

We wish to reassure all affiliates of our dedication to the gaming business and we hope these changes demonstrate Rich Clicks' pledge to improving the performance of our partnerships. Promoting the attractions of One Club Casino has never been easier and we hope our partners take advantage of all of these new opportunities.

If you have any questions regarding the changes, please feel free to contact me via post/pm/email/etc...