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It’s been a fantastic week at Sky Bingo as Jackpots continued to be scooped up by Sky Bingo players , in the same week that Sky Bingo increased their weekly guaranteed prize money to over £50,000 a week.

It all kicked off on Friday with Dominic H from Tenterden winning £500 on the “75 Ball Bonanza”. This was swiftly joined by Rachel M from Southampton, who won the “Anytime Bonanza” and a sweet £500. The winning continued over the weekend with three lucky Sky Bingo Bingolinx winners and Jackpots won in the Premium, Value and Pennies room! Three winners cleared up on our Bingolinx games on Saturday winning over £5,000 in prize money, in total. Carol N from Suffolk won £2,500 on Saturday and was over the moon! “My son is getting married soon so the money will help go towards that”. Janet G from Stirling won £1750 and could not believe it either, and Michelle C from Harrogate finished up the linx run winning a nice sum of £1250.

The winnings continued as The Premium, Value and Pennies jackpots continued to be scooped up by players! Kelly B from Chester won a massive £3,593.62 over the weekend on the Premium Jackpot in a ball count of only 38. Kelly was so thrilled it took her a few minutes to collect herself, and then she danced around the living room with the kids. “I still have no idea what we are going to spend the money on”. Kelly was joined by Paul O from County Tyrone who won over £1000 on the Value Jackpot in 44 ball calls, and June S from Leven who scooped £842 on the Pennies Jackpot. Incredibly, both Premium and Value Jackpots went again only two days later! Harold B from Cheshire won the Premium Jackpot of £2532 in a ball count of 39 as well as the £1,000 daily game winning a total of £3232! What a win for Harold, who was completely shocked and said “I will leave the money in my account and use it wisely, a massive thank you to Sky Bingo”. If that was not enough, the Value Jackpot went again, giving Jason T from Grimsby a nice sum of £1,000! The Premium and Value Jackpots have now been won twice in the space of 3 days, which means in the last few days alone a few Sky Bingo Players have won over £17,000, just in jackpots!

And that’s not all! Sky Bingo have recently increased their weekly guaranteed prize money by £27,000 a week so that Sky Bingo players are now guaranteed to win over £50,000 a week. That’s an increase of over £120,000 a month!
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