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    Default Italian gambling ad ban under fire

    The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) has voiced its opposition to the proposed gambling advertising ban in Italy, warning that it will only serve to benefit unlicensed operators.

    From Gaming Intelligence:

    Responding to the progress of legislation that will ban all gambling advertising in the country except for the national lottery, the industry association warned that Italian consumers would continue to be exposed to gambling advertising by illegal operators.

    The EGBA said that it questions the practicality of introducing a total ban on advertising due to the cross-border nature of the internet and television, which means that Italian citizens will continue to see gambling advertising, except that those ads will advertise websites that are not licensed in Italy.

    It added that the ban would also negatively impact Italian sport, which receives approximately 120m a year in sponsorship revenue from the gambling industry.

    "This sponsorship is important to these teams and will be put in jeopardy," warned the EGBA. "That is why we have already seen a strong reaction from the Serie A to the proposal."
    Read more here:

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    Italy just needs to supplement the ban with more education on possible odds of losing their money at illegal sites. Teach it in college electives, and at gambling addiction prevention sites. Make commercials about it, sponsored by the government!

    Here is an example:
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    I think that Italian parliament is too bored, they most probably have lots of free time to deal with the most not interesting issues.

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