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On one hand, you have a casino called King Billy. Not the friendly-guy-next-door-casino, but King Billy. On the other hand you a payment system provider called MiFinity. Not the little-ewallet-for-your-auntie but MiFinity – also sporting an “infinity” logo. Well, these two were meant to meet, somewhere down the line, weren’t they?

So, they have finally met. King Billy Casino, the many times awarded, new generation online casino has added the MiFinity e-wallet, a simple, smart and secure way to pay and get paid globally, to the casino’s ever growing and super impressive arsenal of payment methods.

We reached out to Volodymyr Harkusha, King Billy Casino CEO (and “First Lord” of the King Billy Kingdom as the internal protocol demands) for a few words on this new and exciting collaboration. Will it last forever as the MiFinity name implies?

Volodymyr smiles: “Well, don’t they say that diamonds last forever? I do believe that MiFinity is a rare gem in its field, both in the scope and quality of their services and the way they conduct business. So, even though “forever” is a really long term in our fast changing industry, we feel confident that we are going to be together with MiFinity for a very long time.

Moreover, what we see and admire in the MiFinity eWallet is that it strives to be a truly global solution, catering to the needs of individuals in every part of the globe. For King Billy Casino, who literally operates all over the world, from Canada to Germany, to Japan to Australia, this is something that resonates very well with our vision”.

And we are sure it is going to resonate very well with King Billy Casino’s players too.