South Korean police raided the offices of the Korean Esports Association (KeSPA) on Monday following corruption allegations. According to media reports in South Korea, prosecutors are investigating funds received by an unnamed former KeSPA President in 2015 from Lotte Homeshopping, a company later involved in two major bribery scandals.

From The ESports Observer:

The investigation began after prosecutors were presented with clues that a former KeSPA chairman had received several hundred thousands of dollars from Lotte Homeshopping. This was accompanied by claims that the company lobbied in favor of the same chairman to get him elected.

Prosecutors are also investigating a sponsorship deal between the two parties in 2015, when Lotte Homeshopping sponsored the KeSPA Cup. The deal was worth 300 million won (approximately $270,000 USD), but it is not yet clear whether the deal was signed during or after this specific chairmanís time in office. According to another report, from television network JTBC News, three arrests have been made during the investigation.

KeSPA denies having received money illegally from Lotte Homeshopping, claiming via twitter that everything was part of a legitimate sponsorship deal.
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