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    Dan, I mean, that was my main concern with 365 - I don't know anyone without an account. But at the same time, if I go with a nobody bookie with 1% market share, it lacks that trust to create an account. I think I need something midfield.

    We're not talking about the near-dead readers either. If you take my 18-44 demographics, on 1m uniques next month, that's 400,000 uniques in the target area. Then apply the male > UK filters, it's 325,000 uniques. I think it's a nice bonus that our readership is of all ages. I think there's still a chunk of usable readers.

    Doomvde, I'm not looking to replace my display ads; more to open a new revenue stream from the in-content space we have available, both text and banners. If I was to replace my display ads, I'd go broke. It's 6-figures a year. I suppose the aim is to earn a couple of grand a month on rev-share, on top of the current revenue.

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    Pretty impressive numbers JC-72, well done on your success. Keep us posted on your progress, very interesting to see how a site gets on moving into the betting arena from mainstream football content.

    Many readers won't bat an eyelid to seeing a few banners for betting sites, although I think when you start producing betting content out of the blue, it can look a little contrived. But then again you are asking a bunch of betting affiliates, who may be much more aware of this than your average reader.

    What you need is a "segue" (like a stand-up comedian when they go on to their next joke, they need the transition to be smooth, they need a "segue"). For example if you were a footy news site you could post a nice feel good story about Leicester city fans who had money on their team to win the league. You could interview a few of them, asking them how much they won, what they done with their winnings, did they cash out?? Not only is it a nice and smooth change of subject matter but you can also gauge from your readers' reaction to the article, both on site and on social media, their appetite for the betting related stuff.

    With this kind of gentle probing of your audience you will have a much better idea of where you need to pitch your content. There's a good chance you'll see that a lot of the footy fans on your site love a good bet, and if introduced in the right way you will be simply giving them what they want, by popular demand.

    PS. I agree on your take on the demographics of your readers, it's a nice mix. It seems from that like you have a very loyal following, even though these are mostly drop in drop out type readers. And some of those old heads might do very little else online when it comes to football. They could do all their betting down at the local bookies. You might awaken something in them and they could go on to discover the wonderful world of online betting

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    Any news? Did you make any progress JC-72?

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