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    Default Malta will introduce iGaming bill to encourage investment

    According to an interview published by The Independent, Malta authorities said the iGaming industry has room to grow. As a result, The Ministry has issued a legal notice to cover burgeoning game types, such as skill games and fantasy sports, hoping to push new investors toward iGaming-centric industries.

    Competitiveness and Digital, Maritime and Services Economy Minister, Emmanuel Mallia, assured that the industry has a positive impact for the country and allows the goverment to earn millions from taxation and licensing, which is used for the benefit of the citizens.

    Mallia said that the Ministry wants to encourage new investors and young people to move away from traditional occupations such as lawyers or architects and begin looking at professions in the iGaming and financial service industries, which reflect the modern digital era.

    Read the full story here:

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    makes sense. swedish teenagers doing customer service at an online casino make more in malta than a maltese lawfirm worker with 3 year's experience. affiliate managers, sometimes just 20 years old earn higher salaries than knee doctors, marine scientists and senior CFA3 accountants.

    it is a matter of supply and demand and to that end, it indeed makes sense to ask the local indigenous population to "wake up" and accept the situation for what it is.

    casinos are generally quite friendly towards hiring local indigenous maltese workers since they are less likely to pull a runner suddenly.

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    Pity more Governments didn't hold this attitude, it would certainly put more tax dollars in their pockets, and also increase the local ecconomy. iGaming is here to stay. History proves prohibition doesn't work. As they say, if you can't beat them, join them

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