Hello, dear forum members!

I am glad to announce that we have currently opened new positions for our future employees. So please, read the description and tell us if you're interested!

Location: Cyprus

Required experience: 13 years

Full time job.

Job opportunity :

EU based company looking for highly-motivated fellows who are dreaming to work with no limits on creative ideas in the digital marketing field ( Gambling vertical ) and wishing to earn as much as you really can (no joking). The opened positions are: Affiliate manager / Media buyer


- Analysis of traffic sources, optimization of their budget and search for growth points for targeted traffic;
- Building a web-analytics system and analyzing website indicators with the aim of developing solutions to improve their effectiveness;
- Development of a budget plan for web-marketing based on specified indicators of traffic and sales;
- Participation in planning and ensuring the implementation of commercial tasks and marketing activities: We work on the Growth Hacking system with clearly defined roles and the Traffic Manager is responsible for the Awareness stage, first of all it is the rapid testing of hypotheses through paid sources (target, context).
- Respond to the Growth Team for the Awareness stage.
- Quickly test hypotheses and get traffic from paid sources (context, targeted advertising).
- Interact with other employees from the team on a daily basis - you need to be aware of all changes/plans for the service. All actions are planned in advance, there is a common marketing plan.


-Acquire new partners to grow the affiliate scheme
-Analyze campaign activity to ensure affiliates deliver the best ROI
-Manage the affiliate budget, including commission and budget spend
-Oversee all affiliate campaigns
-Deliver affiliate marketing reports to senior management
-Initiate new campaign ideas, incentives, and bonuses for the affiliate scheme
- Participate in Developing the affiliate marketing strategy with the aim of recruiting new affiliate partners and delivering sales volume

Key Skills/Experience:

- as an advantage an in-depth knowledge of the international affiliates markets
- a minimum of 1 year of experience in an affiliates role, media buying or digital marketing.
- Strong written and verbal communication skills
- Effective sales and negotiation skills
- Driven and results-orientated
- Effective reporting and presentation skills
- A good understanding of tracking technology
- Ability to work to tight deadlines
- Fluent in English (an additional language would be a bonus)

Conditions / What we offer:

Competitive salary = salary + KPI (with reference to the efficiency of work both individually and as a whole for the whole company).
Remote work (home office) and an independent choice of work schedule, but a clear follow him.
Only full time (full time) - and not for those who take different projects at the same time.
Salary + bonuses (monthly and annual), with reference to the efficiency of work, both individually and as a whole for the whole company.

Methods of work:

Asana (structure of tasks) + Skype (for phoning at a designated time) + Google sheets (reporting).
Work in the innovative and fastest growing online marketing segment.
Participation in professional events.
Full openness and democracy - growth depends only on the employee.

In the response, be sure to write a cover letter and indicate the answers to 3 simple questions: What are you aiming for in your career? What do you do best as a professional (your strengths / pros)? What do you do worst as a professional (or do not like to do / your cons)? What aspects of the profession you are not interested in?

Everyone is Welcome!

Office location- beautiful and sunny Cyprus.