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    Default MPs: UK gambling ads must have serious addiction warnings

    Gambling companies should be treated like tobacco firms and forced to display prominent health warnings about the potential harms of betting, according to a cross-party group of MPs concerned about rising levels of addiction. A ban on gambling ads during live sporting events should be imposed because it allows bookmakers to reach young viewers before the watershed, they warn.

    From The Guardian:

    The group, which includes shadow culture secretary Tom Watson and former Tory minister John Hayes, states that the current regime in which “the onus of social responsibility remains subject to the self-regulation of the licensee is not working”. It says that rules around betting ads are being flouted by the gambling industry, claiming that loopholes in the law mean they are doing so “without fear of meaningful sanction”.
    In an open letter to culture secretary Matt Hancock, it demands sweeping measures to ensure “greater compliance, fairness and social responsibility in the advertising and licensing of gambling”. Politicians including Watson, Hayes and former Lib Dem minister Don Foster, as well as the lord bishop of St Albans, have put their names to a series of proposals to tighten the rules on gambling companies . . . The proposals would see Britain take a similar approach to that in New Zealand, where gambling policy is handled by the Department of Health.
    Read more here:

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    Governments throughout the world have been talking non-stop about advertising campaigns like this for many years now and really, nothing has been done about it. The only difference is that now they are actually targeting the restriction of IPs and gambling-related money being paid out to affiliates and customers alike through web-wallets such as Neteller, Skrill and ecoPayz in certain countries worldwide, including Australia. Another great and informative read, The Buzz
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    Why can't we just let natural selection take over. Then we won't need warnings on anything. Sheesh!
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    Future headline "Religions should be treated like gambling companies and tobacco firms and forced to display prominent health warnings about the potential harms of their products..."

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    Yet alcohol still slips by with s small 18 logo on the back

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    Quote Originally Posted by wonderpunter View Post
    Yet alcohol still slips by with s small 18 logo on the back
    Agreed - but the reason is obvious - have you seen the tax and excise bill on alcohol?
    Money talks.

    On a related subject - if electric cars EVER take off as mainstream then MOST first world countries finances are stuffed. (USA excluded)

    One of the highest revenue generating commodities is retail fuel - and the majority of the tax revenue goes into general funds.
    If people stop buying fuel because they are using electric cars - health, pensions and education can't be funded.

    Think about THAT next time you see a negative article on electric cars - and realise the spin for what it is.

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    Had to laugh just read the article and right next to it was a betting ad.

    Warnings are all well and good but true degenerates ignore them totally if it stops someone becoming an addict then great, but does it really stop someone from smoking, drinking, and gambling. Everyone already knows the perils and pitfalls.

    I am off now to put a sign on my front door to let me know that leaving could be harmful to my health.
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