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    Default My first GPWA post

    Hi Everyone

    Here's my very first post on! Hopefully the first of many that you'll enjoy/find of interest

    My name is Laurentio Telecican and for those that don't know me already, I'm part of the affiliate management team for at Affiliate Network.

    Check out some of my other posts as we've had a few exciting thing occur recently at at, such as:

    - Double Commission Month
    - Webmaster Referral Program
    - Recent Software Updates showcasing some exciting new features

    Of course I'm here to assist/answer any of the questions you may have so don't hesitate to contact me direct anytime.

    Laurentio Telecican

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    Laurentio, what's going on in here? Seems awfully quiet. I think I just saw a virtual tumbleweed floating across my screen...

    I think we'll have to give people something for free to come in here. I'll start it off. Everyone who comes and says hi we'll get free drinks for an hour at the next conference we meet.

    Damon Kobe

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