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    Lightbulb New bitcoin forum and other changes

    A few days ago GPWA member KazaK suggested it might make sense to add a new forum for posts related to cryptocurrency-related topics. After some internal discussion, we agreed this made sense, and so today I am announcing the new forum:

    "Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain"

    Rick (Universal4) is busy moving past threads on these topics into the new forum so they are all available there for easy access.

    In reviewing the existing forums, we also decided to rename the forum formerly titled "Affiliate Guard Dog - Affiliate Program T&Cs" to simply "Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions." Many years ago we created that forum to show our support for Andy, the former owner of AGD at a time when Andy actively cross-posted terms and condition changes here as well. But, unfortunately, those days are long past, and the new content in the thread has not been from AGD for some time now, so associating the thread specifically with AGD no longer makes sense.

    We welcome suggestions for how to improve the structure of the forums. You may remember that only a few months ago we announced the creation of a forum to post domains and sites for sale.

    GPWA Executive Director, Casino City CEO, Friend to the Village Idiot

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    Thank you very much, Michael.
    To concentrate the Bitcoin + Crypto stuff, this is a wonderful idea.

    For me, as the #1 discredited so called "no-coiner" here on GPWA, what is insane because everyone knows, I am a just a truth seeker without fear to say things straight, so for me, it's also a possibility to show the audience the other side of the medal, and they have all rights to get a true overall picture of the Bitcoin hype. I don't care about weak attempts to discredit me. There is a specific silent group in the audience, that I am writing for. They know, that for the truth sometimes one has to pay a price.

    My findings and thoughts about Bitcoin are very clear: It is a proven fact, that the majority of Bitcoln is of criminal origin, that a new wave of crimes are on the rise, that can only be paid by Bitcoin, not by cash.

    If your computer is hijacked by hackers, what happens next? Yes, then the hackers only want Bitcoin from you, right? This serious crimes are only possible because of the existence of Bitcoin.

    Since last year Italian officials are warning, that Mafia is using Bitcoin casinos as a tool for money laundering. The Mafia kills people and sells drugs. It is a circle of bloody money. This is by the way a real threat for this industry, because the governments will not look away and will stop this sooner or later.

    Bitcoin fact-deniers often claims, that with real cash also crimes are made and so Bitcoin is "innocent". It cannot be argued weaker. The difference to the Bitcoin crimes is, that they can ONLY be paid with Bitcoin. "Normal" crimes can be paid with cash, with Gold, with goods, diamonds, whatsoever. But if Bitcoin would not exist, this Bitcoin crimes would also not exist. This is the important difference.

    And I am talking about hijacking of computers, hijacking of people, hiring of hitmen, drugs, weapons and, for me the most disturbing thing, the live torture, live sexual abuse and live killing also of children in the Red Rooms in the Dark Net. Bitcoin makes this possible, and ONLY Bitcoin, because Bitcoin is the only payment option to watch it.

    Search for Peter Scully, and then you know, what I am talking about.

    On the contrary to others I have investigated the Darknet for almost two years. It is the most brutal, disgusting and disturbing place in internet, and it's all about Bitcoin. Everything! Every thinkable nightmare you can buy with Bitcoin, and only with Bitcoin.

    My opinion?

    I have nothing against it, if someone is making profit with Bitcoin, but at some point, when she/he has a fine profit, she/he must ask her-/himself if it is not about time, to sell it, to be happy about the profit and to show from now on responsibility to the own children, to the own family, to the parents, to other children and their families, to all the victims of the Bitcoin crimes, which are thousands and thousands every single day, to all the drugs, weapons, all the killed people.

    Bitcoin is the freeway ticket for a new generation of serious crime, and also for live child torture, live child abuse and live child killing. Monsters are sitting at home behind their computers and watching it! And they can only do that because Bitcoin exist. Keep that in mind. Never forget this and think about it. Imagine, your own child is missing and you must fear, she could be the next in a Red Room in the Darknet.

    You have a responsibility.
    Didn't you?
    You have.
    We all have.
    At least the mocked "no coiners" provide that responsibility.
    This are those, who are only reading here and telling their family the other side of Bitcoin's medal or those like me, straight and with respect to the truth.

    In this forum a Bitcoin guy even requested a censorship of Bitcoin truths.
    This says it all, right?

    I wish you a wonderful stay in this forum of the free world, respecting the First Amendment and also the voices of the few.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roulette Zeitung View Post

    Thank you very much, Michael.
    To concentrate the Bitcoin + Crypto stuff, this is a wonderful idea.

    For me, as the #1 discredited so called "no-coiner" here on GPWA...
    I think, your position is good and very important. And we need to speak their thoughts about issues related to bitcoin. You're the first person from I heard so much negative opinion. But if there is no place for talk about it, we will not be able to see different opinions.
    telegram @bigaff

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    Oh goodie, shall we talk about the illuminati which ties into Cryptocurrency. These little sh*ts are smart, very smart at their New World Order game.
    Would you like to advertise your casino/betting/poker website to 10 million american listeners? contact me for details. Thanks

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