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    Default New Jersey eager to enter international player pools

    New Jersey Senator Ray Lesniak has revealed plans to introduce a bill that would allow the US state to share player pools with other regulated markets around the world.

    Speaking to local New Jersey media, Lesniak said that although his bill had not yet been written, the legislative piece would seek to remove a clause that requires online operators that take bets in the state to have servers based in Atlantic City.
    Lesniak is a long-standing supporter of internet gambling.

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    This would be amazing news for regulated poker in the US. Sharing of the international player pool is a dream for most American grinders. However, I'm not so sure it's the best idea. Honestly, the US is a huge fish pond and it might be best for Americans to wall themselves off like other countries have. If only for the players themselves - US players are weak, net losing players on the whole. Obviously it's horrible for affiliates and operators to do so. I think the US market is certainly big enough to be self-sustaining, unlike perhaps Spanish or Portuguese markets which are just so tiny they need extra liquidity from other nations and not implementing such from the beginning was bad business!

    I guess personally, I'm kind of torn.

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