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    Default No Payments since Jan-2019!


    i saw quite many complaints about unpaid commissions from RevGiants. Interesting, does anybody who works with RevGiants still receiving commissions regularly?

    Will present my experience with them:
    1) Summer 2018 we started on RS basis
    2) Until Dec-2018, all was fine as "Payment history" section (it shows earned commissions & notes about payments) on their platform was updated monthly, earned commissions was paid
    3) All started since 2019 when "Payment history" stopped to be updated monthly. Despite that, Statistics reports are updated properly until were we see our performance as well as earnings
    4) We tried to reach their support since issue started, but dude replied with delay that he was off for a while and despite "Payment history" not being updated he recommended to send invoice in order to get paid
    5) Once invoice was sent, he didnt reply, didnt pay and dissapeared again
    6) Since start of 2019 we see earnings still coming monthly but not added at "Payment History", neither paid. Commissions not huge but whole situation is very awkward knowing that RevGiants is the market for so many years and we have RS deal.

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    These guys have been around for years but have a history of slow payments.
    They go through stages where they improve and then get bad again.
    At the moment they are going through a slack time.
    I have reduced their exposure substantially in view of their erratic payments.
    Chances are you probably will get paid in the end but you will have to send many emails bugging them until you do

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    Hi Converter,

    Could you please give me your RevGiants username so that I can check more in depth you case?

    Kind regards,


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