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Psst, it’s nearly time for the Malta Gaming Awards and we really want to win big this time around
– can you help us?

All you have to do is head over to the Malta Gaming Awards nomination page, fill out a few details, select “Affiliate Program” and submit the form. Then, if you’re feeling rather generous you can even nominate BitStarz for “Online Casino” by filling out the form again and selecting this option.

BitStarz has been putting pedal to the metal in 2019, making sure our online casino experience is electric as can be, all the while giving our affiliates an ever-so-sweet slice of the action.

We Deserve Your Nomination

How far will modesty get you these days, really? We’ve been working night and day over the years to give our affiliates the best possible program, deals, and content to help you be as successful as possible – after all, our success if your success too. If you could spare five minutes of your time to fill in the form and nominate BitStarz in the Affiliate Program and Online Casino categories we would certainly be grateful.

Time is of the essence, as the deadline for nominations is Monday, September 30 – so get your skates on and nominate BitStarz!