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    Default PPA lashes out against I. Nelson Rose

    The Poker Players Alliance has come out and publicly criticized noted gaming law expert I. Nelson Rose over comments Rose made about Rep. Joe Barton. Barton, the author of a federal online poker bill, is a Texas Republican and has some views away from the online poker spectra that Rose does not agree with.

    From Gambling911:

    The PPA accuses Rose of inserting his personal politics into the fight to legalize Web poker.

    From the PPA:

    I. Nelson Rose, a law professor with expertise on gaming law, has chosen to attack online poker supporter Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX). These attacks were made on on October 21 st (listen here), on OnTilt Radio on December 5th, and in a recent column in Poker Player Magazine (here). The attacks center not on issues of the legislation itself, or even of poker-related issues. Rather, they focus on Rep. Barton’s politics and on Rose’s apparent disagreement with them. This is unfortunate and, in the opinion of the Poker Players Alliance, very misguided.
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    Discussion about the Barton Bill...

    Stop the Barton Bill:
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