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    Default Press release: Problems with Please be careful.

    Dear Affiliate/Player,

    As a responsible Gambling Portal I have decided to warn people of a potential security risk.

    I recently opened up an account with because i was interested in promoting to my 1000 members of my website, along with new traffic.
    I tried their bonus to see how the system works.

    It seems you must open an account as a player first in order to affiliate which seemed odd to me, but none the less i gave all my personal information.
    I did receive a reply that i would be contacted about the application.

    For days afterwards, I had no replies. I emailed both their support department and affiliate department which seemed to be the same outifit. I believe only one person does both support and affiliate business.

    Because of no replies, and the rather weird system the use, I felt there was a possible security breach here, and wanted to warn everyone.

    For everyone thinking of playing for them, or affiliating with them please be careful, if anything you will not get any replies to your emails. This of course is a bad sign and one that usually signals shaddy business practices.

    When i emailed them my concerns, I was ignored on all accounts.

    Further more they seem to have predatory Terms and conditions, which your able to view on their website. I will be and am in the process of relaying this to relevant watch dog groups and GPWA and CAP in case others have had problems with them. I am also relaying this to any affiliate that is promoting them now.

    And i have informed all my players to avoid them until further notice.

    Together as an affiliate industry, I think its wise to share our information to protect each other and our players.

    Thank you for your time.

    Message sent to:


    I have also sent this message to their support department and affiliate department.

    If anyone wants further information on this matter please contact me directly on GPWA as my username is GFPC.

    Thank you.

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    This site is also filled with bots, and they have a very small playerbase.

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    Since this post was first made back in May... all I can say is, I'm surprised they're still in business.
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    I also joined this way and although I no longer promote I got a reply within 24hrs and a $5 no deposit bonus to give out.

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