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    Default for Sale - 600+ users per day - predominantly UK traffic

    I'm looking to gauge the interest in my popular professional sports betting blog, I’m open to selling the site and everything associated with it (content, domains, social media accounts, affiliate accounts).

    I registered the domain in 2014, along with,,, and have since built up a very steady flow of traffic as a result of organic SEO, outreach, and building highly selective backlinks.

    It currently receives 600+ unique users per day, predominantly from the UK. Recent traffic is hitting 800 unique users per day, with total sessions coming in at around 10% more. Traffic is steadily growing, and I believe the site has yet to reach full potential.

    No black hat techniques have been used to build up my traffic. The site benefits from age, detailed content, speed, layout/structure, and keyword optimisation. Therefore there's no risk of a Google algorithm change heavily impacting the traffic down the line. It's clean.

    The site is generally praised for its quality of content, and honest approach to sports betting & analytics. To keep it authentic and consistent, I declined guest posts and advertising placements. It's one of the few sites of its kind.

    Its most optimised keywords span several core topics, such as:


    "value betting" - 2x posts on page 1
    "value betting software" - page 1, rank 1
    "earn from betting" - page 2
    "earn a living from betting" - page 1


    "best sports tipsters" - page 2
    "best tipster services" - 2x posts on page 2
    "best tipster 2018" - page 1
    "twitter tipsters" - page 1
    "betting gods" - page 1, rank 4
    “tipster trust” - page 1, rank 3
    “tipster money” - page 1
    “Tipster legit” - page 1


    "free football data" - page 1
    "football prediction model" - page 1
    "luckiest football teams" - page 1
    "best football youtubers" - page 1
    "best football vloggers" - page 1, rank 1
    "premier league betting guide" - page 1


    "horse racing stats" - page 1
    "horse racing database" - page 1, rank 1
    "horse racing form explained" - page 1
    "horse racing weather" - page 1
    "horse racing pedigree" - page 1


    "matched betting guide/tutorial/step by step" - page 1, often rank 1
    "matched betting services" - page 1, rank 2
    "matched betting explained" - page 2


    "arbitrage betting" - page 1
    "arbitrage software" - page 1, rank 1
    "arb finder" - page 1, rank 1/2


    "best betting exchange" - page 1
    "scalping betfair" - page 1, rank 3
    "betfair software" - page 1
    "automate betfair strategy" - page 1
    “Betfair bot” - 2x posts on page 1/2


    “spread betting odds” - page 1
    “sports spread betting” - page 1/2


    “how bookmakers earn” - page 2
    “best odds bookies” - page 1, rank 3
    “Best odds guaranteed bookies” - page 1, rank 1


    "best betting blogs" - page 1, rank 3
    "professional betting" - page 2 (climbing)
    "gambling ewallets" - page 1, rank 1
    "expected value betting" - page 1
    "strike rate betting" - page 1
    "sample size betting" - page 1, rank 1
    “Staking plans” - page 1, rank 1
    "gambling taboo" - page 1, rank 1

    There are many other searches Punter2Pro performs well on - but the above examples give you a good idea of what areas i’ve targeted.

    Despite decent traffic and SEO, the site earns just a modest 1,200 per month. This is however on the rise as “trial” accounts continue to convert into more paying customers. On one service, for example, I currently have over 2,000 free members referred directly from Punter2Pro.

    Matched betting, arbitrage, value betting, e-wallets, Betfair software, and a couple of select tipster services are the main products I currently promote. No Bookmaker or Casino affiliate links, aside from Pinnacle and the betting exchanges, feature on Punter2Pro.

    A buyer could adapt this site into something far more profitable. The obvious route is to promote the top Bookmakers. It also poses a opportunity anyone for looking to produce a unique betting product, such as:

    • Tipster platform
    • Sports data feeds
    • Odds comparison site
    • Data analytics
    • Matched betting service
    • Arbitrage finder
    • Financial betting affiliate site
    • Other Betfair trading API platform.

    Why am I looking to sell this site when I believe it has more potential?

    1. Time: I am currently running more than one project. I’ve got other brands (in different niches) to work on.
    2. Diversification: I’ve been in sports betting for around 8 years - so i’m looking to focus my affiliate marketing/SEO skills on something broader.
    3. Recoup time spent: i've put a lot of work in on the blog. If i'm able to sell the site and realise a healthy profit, then i've achieved my goal.

    How much do I want for it?

    I’m open to offers. I estimate the site will generate 25-30k in 2019 in its current format (with no Bookmakers included). But I think the real value is its brand and traffic.

    Failing to find a buyer i'll:

    • Monitor the site’s progress over the next six months to gauge the growth.
    • Look to leverage from the reputation i’ve built, and monetise the traffic by promoting a select few Bookmakers, which meet certain criteria.
    • Reassess whether to sell, or keep the site in a low-maintenance state.

    Other comments:

    Please contact hello @

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    Awesome post and sale's pitch - well done and good luck with the sale!

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    A really professional initial pitch there, good man.

    Best of luck with the sale.

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    Hello, is it still available?

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