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    Cool Regal Affiliates November Newsletter - Win a $1k Bonus and More

    Hi Guys and Gals,

    Wow has this October been a thrilling month for us here at Regal Affiliates. There are so many things going on that have us jumping with joy! First, we got nominated for various I-gaming awards at

    Next, last month almost every day we broke some record or another of ours; most deposits in a day, most sign ups, most new depositors, most affiliate commissions, most affiliate sign ups... well almost everything! We just can't believe that in such a short time we have grown so much! We are just so grateful to the people who have gotten us here: you the affiliates and our players! As you can notice from player forums, we have been giving out some promotions that are really taking on. This has can be seen in the fact that we have had an amazing 50% customer re-deposit rate!

    We aren't trying to milk your customers for a quick buck, but rather provide consumers with value and establish long term ties with them. For affiliates who have been with us a while I think you can see this start to pay off. Anyway, to celebrate the fact that we have fallen in love with you guys we are going to offer the following affiliate promotions:

    $100 Free if you get your first 3 new depositors* between now and Valentine's Day. That is only 1 new depositor you need to get per month for a nice bonus!

    $1,000 Free to the affiliate who sends the most profitable player between now and Valentine's Day. Since we are only looking for the single most profitable player, any affiliate, no matter the volume you handle, can win!

    We also would like to mention that we no longer use the Rival Auto banning feature as we consider it too sensitive. That is why now we review player's account manually before applying any type of restriction. We have also taken Video Poker off our list of restricted games to ensure players who enjoy this game can play it with bonuses (albeit with a multiplier). This and the new processing and retention tactics that we are planning on launching in the next couple of months should really boost your conversion and retention rates even more!

    Also, we are going to be working on some flash games to help improve retention on our website plus some youtube videos to help create further branding around Vegas Regal Casino, which we hope should also be a factor in player conversions. So stay tuned because the best is yet to come!

    And last, remember to cast your vote at

    Even if you don't vote for us, it will help make the voting more representative. If do want to vote for us, which will be very much appreciated, you can find Regal Affiliates and I, Nicolas Johnson, have been nominated under the categories of Best Casino Affiliate Manager, Best Casino Affiliate Program, and Best Overall Affiliate Program.

    * 3 new depositors must make a minimum of $50 each to qualify. The contest starts November 9th, 2009 at 0:00 Hours and ends February 14th, 2010 at 0:00 Hours

    P.S. Remember these bonuses are on top of our regular bonuses. All affiliates get 60% Revenue share on their first month and 50% on the second. Also all affiliates get an extra $100 when making their first $150 in commissions. And to top things off you get extras for:
    * 10 new active depositing players - $100 bonus
    * 20 new active depositing players - $200 bonus
    * 30 new active depositing players - $300 bonus
    Kind Regards,
    Nicolas Johnson
    BetPhoenixCasino Affiliate Manager

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    Thanks for the bonus Nicolas.

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