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    Default Reid offering hope for Internet poker

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid told told Gambling Compliance reporter Tony Batt that the Department of Justice ruling that has some states angling to operate poker websites will also impel Congress to act on a federal solution.

    From the GPWA:

    “It’ll give us an incentive to get something done,” Reid told Gambling Compliance website reporter Tony Batt, who camped outside NBC studios in Washington while the Senate majority leader was taping “Meet the Press” last Sunday. Batt previously wrote about gaming policy from Washington for the Review-Journal.

    “We cannot have a series of laws around the country related to gaming,” Reid said. “I know a lot about gaming… I’m a former chairman of the Nevada (Gaming) Commission and I think it’s very important that we have a national law.”

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    So what happens if a state implements online gambling before the Feds act? Isn't this a states rights issue? Once a state makes a move can the Fed really make them change it?
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    States may have some free space to put forward something based on the DoJ's explanation of the previous act. Fed's new act may not as easy as the states' ones that may now have certain press to move a bit quicker.

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