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    Default Reusing domain after change of address in GWT

    Has anyone had any experience reusing an old domain after redirecting to a new domain and submitting a change of address notice in GWT?


    - How long should we leave the redirect in place?
    - What happens to the new site when we revoke the change of address?
    - Should we delete the old site from GWT entirely, leave for a bit and then set up as a new domain?

    Basically we have a bunch of slot reviews on an old UK facing site ( which we've redirected to a non UK domain ( The plan is to make the new site non-UK facing to avoid some of the ASA nonsense about slots.*

    We want to eventually use the old domain for a different UK facing site, so at some point we want to cut the redirect from the old site to the new and start afresh with a new project.

    I'm assuming it's just a case of letting the change of address bed in for a few months and then cutting the redirect, but wanted to see if the gpwa hive mind had any input?

    * story for another day but we had an affiliate account suspended for simple having a slot review of a game that could appeal to children, even though the casino wasn't listed anywhere near it. - Formally known as goodbonusguide. - Baldys affiliate blog. Will get updated one day. Maybe.

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    Ok, this maybe should not be discussed in public. Since I am going offline gradually I can say that this what I call cancer SEO (because you can clone the ranks) works pretty well. Yes, Google (and other search engines) is that stupid. Happy experiments!
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