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  1. Don't Miss out on our 60% profit share for august

    hi everyone,

    since newsletters and emails don't necessarily get to people anymore i wanted to post this here also.

    Revenue Share Frenzy

    Casino Rewards has an exciting new offer: you will...
  2. Our Pay Pal plans were caught So Please change your payment

    Hi guys,

    we had a great plan to be able to pay everyone who wanted it Via Pay Pal one last time and then phase it out. Unfortunately Pay Pal somehow found out and closed out account, so we will...
  3. CasinoRewards Hosted Dinner/Drinks At Toronto Conference

    Hello everyone,

    i just wanted to extend the invitation for an event we are holing at the Toronto Gaming Conference In May
    here is a link to the invitation we sent out to our affilaites....
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    Announcing A new Design for Blackjack Ballroom

    hello everyone,

    My name is brent smith and i am in charge of the affiliate program for the Casino Rewards network.

    We handle the affiliate program for...
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