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    A free article for your newsletter

    If you publish a newsletter and could use a 700-word article, titled "The $100 Slot Challenge", I'll send it to you, free. All I ask is that you do not remove the link at the end of the story. Reply...
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    Free "Banner Explode" Program

    Fellow Webmasters!
    If you are looking for an inexpensive -- how about FREE -- way to increase traffic to your site, check out "Banner Explode"! I found it on the Net and it sounds like it's worth a...
  3. This reminds of the days when my boss used to...

    This reminds of the days when my boss used to ship phonograph records to retailers for 75 cents, to be sold for $1. He'd tell them they are making 33% profit. In reality the had a 33% markup, but...
  4. An Easy Way to Make Some Extra Dollars Every Month

    The vast majority of gamblers play slots, and every one of them is searching for ways to beat those machines. This means that there are millions and millions of potential customers for an e-book...
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