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    Default Selling the UKGC by the Pound: APCW Perspectives for 17 July, 2020

    Selling the UKGC by the Pound

    As criticism mounts, the UK Gambling Commission seems to be
    growing more proactive in regards to player protections, and
    consultations on game design and VIP players have become a priority.
    Also, more industry events have now been postponed.
    Plus, forest edibles and vague allusions.


    Links to News Stories:

    Welcome PM Affiliates:
    Intertops Promotion:
    UKGC onsultation - VIP customers:
    UKGC onsultation - Online Slots:
    ICE & iGB London:
    I Know What I LIke:

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    Another nice show JT. You're a legend. Hope you're keeping safe.

    I can't help but wonder about how everything will turn out for the world. I can't believe the Twitter accounts of the rich and famous that were recently hijacked by scammers, too. Even the best security options these days is not enough protection from those parasites. There's even a rumor that it was an inside job Who do we trust and who do we turn to after this type of nonsense gets pulled on people?!

    The Bitcoin scammers in question in this recent hack had stolen more than $50,000 USD. Very disgusting.

    It appears that the FBI is still investigating that big Twitter hack. In the meantime, Google has dropped the carousel of tweets that appear in search results because of it. Thatís a loss of referrer traffic for Twitter and a loss of visibility for brand tweets in the SERPS. For how long is unclear.

    There's too much trouble from the covid pandemic (and now Australia might never be able to get rid of the virus is what I saw on the news the other day *gulp!*) and it's really costing the global economy and of course, a lot of igaming conferences are being held online and even having their dates postponed (I hope one day it won't be indefinitely). It's all very unsettling.

    It's also concerning if current and upcoming programs decide to tighten their grip on affiliates and players alike, regardless if they're opposed to them or not. These said programs making life burdensome by (for example) requesting documents, utility bills, and ID verification repeatedly until affiliates and players get so sick and tired of it that they simply don't cooperate with them any longer 🤔

    Regulation is okay, but only within reason and to an extent and all parties involved have to come to some sort of mutual agreement without it having to be a hassle IMO. It needs to be feasible enough to be admissible.
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    Great show JT! Now I understand why you always filming in nature - free snacks everywhere

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