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Below is some info about winning on Sky:

Win Big on Sky Bingo this year!!!
Sky Bingo players seem to be having a particularly lucky start to the year on Sky Bingo as they continue to win big. Last week the “Win4All Jackpot” was won by Tony W from Sandy who took home £1,373 and 72 other players walked away with £18.02. Other January winners already include Tracey D from Cleveland, chat name “Bingoladyooooo” who yesterday won the Premium Jackpot worth £9776.69. Tracey is new to Sky Bingo and was over the moon saying “she could not believe it”. Other winners included Terry B from Atterfeld, chat name “BILLY_WIZ” who won £1750 on the Links game who was also astounded “I walked away as I wanted one number to go but I couldn’t look and two minutes later I was jumping for joy as I’d won”. Amanda M from Northumberland, Timonthy M from Gloucester and Celestine M from Essex were some of the £1000 daily Jackpot winners each scooping £700. The Daily Jackpot game is played every evening in the Premium and Value Room at 10pm.

If you want a chance to win big yourself then sign up to Sky Bingo now and you could find yourself the next big Sky Bingo winner. To join log on to www.skybingo.com .