Bonus cash and tournament seats await winner of milestone hand

Sky Poker has announced the prize package for the winner of its 250 Millionth Hand, which is expected to be dealt soon at

The winner of the 250 Millionth Hand will either win 250 times the big blind as a cash bonus if the hand is dealt on a cash table, or 250 times the tournament entry fee if the game is a multi-table or sit 'n' go tournament. In addition, the winner will receive £100 in their Sky Poker account, a seat in the fourth leg of the Sky Poker Tour in Glasgow on May 8th and a free seat to the Sky Pokerís Primo tournament.

In addition to cash prizes and tournament seats for the winner, Sky Poker is also planning to reward players who did not quite hit the magic 250 Millionth Hand. Every player at the table who is dealt hole cards for the 250 Millionth Hand at the start of the hand will be rewarded with a £100 bonus into their Sky Poker account.

For those not involved in the actual 250 Millionth Hand there is still an opportunity to win. Sky Poker will host a special £2500 freeroll for the winners of the 250 hands before and after the 250 Millionth Hand is dealt.

Sky Poker is also offering the winner of every millionth hand from 245 million up to 249 million, a free cash bonus!

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