After reading this article, we're gonna have to make some new creatives to go after the Oprah Audience...

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From Casino Gambling Web...
Oprah Winfrey Last Show Gift Betting Props At Online Sportsbooks

"Oprah Winfrey has been a staple in the afternoon television industry for over two decades, but recently she acknowledged that her award winning daytime show will come to an end next year. The announcement has prompted online sportsbooks to create prop bets on what gifts Oprah will give her audience at her last show.

For years, Oprah's generosity has been well-documented. At various shows throughout her run in daytime, Oprah has been known to give lavish gifts to all audience members. With the end nearing, the speculation has begun as to what Oprah has in store for her last day on the set.

The list of possible gifts is extensive because of Oprah's history of being unpredictable when giving gifts to her audience. The most popular choices at the sportsbooks are related to Oprah's upcoming endeavors.

A charity donation, which Oprah is well known for, is a 2/1 choice. A cable subscription, magazine subscription, and entry to Oprah's Book of the Month Collection are all second choices at 3/1.

For those who believe that Oprah will be more generous at the taping of her last show, more elaborate prop choices are available. Jewelry or a luxury bag are both 30/1 long shots. More moderate choices are home appliances, electronics, and a home theatre system, which all have current odds of 12/1.

For those gamblers who believe that Oprah will be stingy in her last show and not give away any gifts to her studio audience, odds exist of 2/1 that no gifts are given. Any gifts not listed with odds can also be bet by gamblers by choosing the any other gift option at 1/5. "