The snow is melting and the sun is beginning to shine… Spring is here at last! As the weather warms up, so does the excitement at Sky Bingo.

What is the Sky Springo Challenge?

From Wednesday 3rd March, all Sky Bingo customers have the chance to enter the world of Sky Springo – a brand new, one-off promotion which sets players a range of different challenges to complete each week on, from March 8th to Easter Sunday.

By taking on the challenges, you can unlock special Sky Springo bonuses, which will be paid into your accounts the following week. Each Sky Bingo player will be given a set of challenges based on the kind of player you are, designed to introduce them to games which you may not have played before.

Who can enter Sky Springo?

All Sky Bingo customers are eligible for this promotion: existing and new customers

The Sky Springo challenges allocated to customers each week will depend on what Sky Springo group they fall into. There are 20 different Sky Springo groups which are determined by a Sky Bingo player’s previous bingo behaviour.

The Sky Springo Challenge will be communicated to all Sky Bingo customers through their own personal website and website address which will include their User ID plus a 3 digit code which is unique to them

Existing Customers

If you are an existing customer we have already grouped you and created a personal website and website address which we will communicated to you by either email, SMS or DM before the qualifying start date on the 8th March.

What if you’re a new customer?

If you are a new customer you will automatically fall into the group “AA”. New customers will need to go onto and register, with a valid Sky Bingo user id in order to create their website.

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