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    Default Suggest for the best Shared Hosting SEO company

    Hi to everyone,

    I've a network of sites (5-10) and I would like to use different IP for each of my site, so I can interlinking it.

    Could you please give me some advice about a good seo company that offers a very performant Shared Hosting SEO service?

    My sites are all in italian lenguage and it works just for the italian market, so I need a good hosting for Italy.

    Thank you so muche and sorry for my english.

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    All of the multiple site SEO-type hosting plans I've seen leave some kind of footprint (same nameservers usually), so I'd avoid them if you're looking to build a network for linking (a high proportion of links to a site coming from the same nameserver is incredibly suspicious).

    For only 5-10 sites I would just buy up shared hosting accounts from multiple webhosts (which is only marginally more expensive than seo hosting), just make sure you leave no footprint whatsoever. So this means:

    * Different
    * Different nameservers
    * Make sure the link profiles of the sites are unique (ie: use different link building strategies for each site, don't just ABC it)
    * Don't interlink all of the sites - this is a huge red flag
    * Only link where relevant (eg: on a page about football link to your football site, don't just have a ton of irrelevant links)

    There are tons of cheap hosting solutions - for starters take a look at Vidahost, Xilo, Webhosting UK, Krystal, Knet and TSO Host (same company as Vidahost so some stuff is shared).

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    Hey Mikeie76,

    I am doing the same as you. I have a network of 5 sites on all unique IPs from around different datacenters from (It is my affiliate link, if you don't mind. You can simply cut and paste if you do).

    I have 5 sites for $60 a year. Can't beat that. I have had it for about a year now and can't complain. They are out of India or somewhere, so time is an issue sometimes as I am in the U.S. But any issue has been handled in a reasonable time. I definitely wouldn't do my main site on it, but for a network like you are doing, it is perfect!

    BTW, my sites are all U.S. sports and I don't only use U.S. servers. The diversity is nice especially for SEO hosting.

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