Spelinspektionen, Sweden's regulatory body, announced today that its board of directors reached an agreement on new “regulations and general advice in order to counteract match-fixing," including reducing the scope of what its online betting licensees can offer.

The new regulations include a ban on Swedish-licensed bookmakers taking bets on “violations of rules during matches, competitions and tournaments (for example, expulsions, penalties and yellow cards).” Operators will be restricted from taking wagers on the “individual achievements” of Swedish athletes under 18 years of age. Football betting is restricted to “the four highest divisions in Sweden or abroad, matches in the Swedish Cup and training matches other than for the national teams (U21 and up).”

The regulations and general guidelines enter into force on 1 January 2021.

From Spelinspektionen:

As a result of these prohibitions and restrictions, the Swedish Gaming Inspectorate assesses that there will be no reason to influence the outcome of gambling on the Swedish licensed market in the affected areas.

Football is a high-risk sport when it comes to match-fixing and there are special risks with low divisions. Surveillance is poorer and practitioners do not make money from their sport. The Swedish Gaming Inspectorate has therefore chosen to place special emphasis on football and has thus taken into account the views received from the consultative bodies.

"This is another step in the work of minimizing the risks of match-fixing and the threat to the integrity of sports that match-fixing poses," says Nicklas Hjertonsson, unit manager at the Swedish Gaming Inspectorate.
Read the press release here: http://www.gpwa.org/article/sweden-implements-more-online-betting-limits-to-counter-match-fixing-236993

Read the new regulations in Swedish here: https://www.spelinspektionen.se/pres...e-under-18-ar/