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    Smile Tingly Terms Aftermath!

    Earn Affiliates regular signup already closed ( ), but for clinical or scientific purposes we should evaluate the terms' condition to make a fact check.

    Negative Carryover

    Earn Affiliates is declared as a pure no-negative-carryover program!

    But this is not correct. There is a big winner exception.
    From the terms:

    4. Fees


    4.3 Large Winners Policy

    During any calendar month, if one specific player generates accumulated winnings of at least €50,000, then this player will be considered a large winner and will be covered by the Large Winners policy.

    The player will be isolated from the Affiliate pool of players and the negative revenue from this specific player will not affect the overall commissions from the other players during that given calendar month.

    The negative revenue created by this large winner will separately be carried forward and counted against the future revenue generated by this large winner for a limited period of up to 12 months.

    The player will remain separated, and the negative balance will be adjusted by potential future positive revenue generated by the same player until the full amount of the negative balance has been satisfied and/or fulfilled during the limited period of 12 months. In such a case the player will then be returned to the Affiliate pool of players to continue to generate future commission for the Affiliate.

    No negative carry over generated by the separated player will be taken into account after the 12 month period in the calculation of the Commission due to the Affiliate.

    The Affiliate will be notified of any large winner player at latest five (5) working days in the following month. The information about the negative balance generated by the separated player(s) will be traceable by the Affiliate in the Affiliate platform or via monthly reports from the Brands.

    Each large winner occurrence will be treated individually.

    Progressive wins do not fall into this category as this payout is taken from a progressive funds pool.


    Player Takeover

    Another interesting thing is the "defibrillator term", that will be activated, when a webmaster unkowingly reanimates a comatose patient, who was already acquired and so the new webmaster will benefit from the takeover of this player. The player in question will be removed from the original webmaster's account.

    4. Fees


    4.4 Re-activation credit

    If a second Affiliate re-refers and activates a player that has not been active for a period of 12 months, then this second Affiliate deserves the credit for reactivation and the player will be assigned to the second Affiliate player pool. This reassignment is not based on an automatic time interval but is limited only to those re-referral actions that can be identified (e.g. via specific voucher code and only after the set period of inactivity.)


    Self-Exclusion Scenario

    Since some months my deep feelings tell me, that the "self-exclusion" terms are on the rise. Here is one more example, that I am right, and that this matter will be so important in terms, that the GPWA sponsor program overview sites very soon should include this as a seperate information like quotas or cookies.

    1. Definitions


    1.22 A Player that blocks himself on any Site for responsible gaming reasons within one month from the date of registration will be excluded from any CPA or Hybrid Commission. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Revenue Share part of a Hybrid Commission model will still be honoured and for CPA Commissions a standard 40% Revenue Share will be used for those players.


    Term source:

    Always a pleasure for me to serve the transparency.


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