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    Default UKGC and CMA review recently completed joint program

    After wrapping up a joint program that aimed to "improve the online gambling industry," the U.K. Gambling Commission and Competition Markets Authority addressed the industry in a joint letter, published April 29.

    Some excerpts from the letter:

    The CMA’s work with the Commission has resulted in significant changes by the sector. Six gambling firms provided undertakings to the CMA: Ladbrokes, William Hill, PT Entertainment, BGO, Jumpman Gaming and Progress Play. Each of these
    firms committed not to continue or repeat certain practices which the CMA considered were unfair. But the impact of this work has been felt across the entire sector.
    Our joint work provided a sharp focus on aspects of online gambling and exposed significant shortcomings within the sector that had undermined consumer trust and confidence. The Commission mandated that all gambling firms would need to comply
    with the requirements set out in the published undertakings1, not just those firms that agreed to them.
    The findings from this work, and our expectations of you, have been well publicised, and all gambling firms should, by now, have amended their terms and practices to meet the requirements set out in the undertakings. However, for you to comply fully with your consumer law and licensing responsibilities, you must go further than simply complying with the published undertakings. You need to audit all your terms and conditions, examine your business systems and practices, embed compliance and, importantly, continually
    review these to ensure that you maintain high standards of consumer protection in the future.
    Read the entire letter here: https://assets.publishing.service.go..._GC_letter.pdf

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    Does this mean withdrawal requirements will be over? That's quite game changing.
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    ... I think that online advertising will be over one day. I see the trend, more and more casinos leave the UK because of hard and harder requirements from the UK Gambling Commission. All go to grey zone again - All free spins and no deposit bonuses to online and mobile casinos.

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    There will be no grey zone on regulated and overregulated markets. Just pitch black in the future. They block both websites and money transfers. Nowadays even crypto bookies are out of UK, there is need for deepweb to develop. Maybe projects like maidsafe or urbit will save the free internet and capitalism, but we are nowhere close.
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    The UK Gambling commission need to be careful as if too many rules and taxes are put on regulated operators, these operators could close their doors to UK players and players will then seek out unregulated/unsafe casinos to play.

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