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    Default URGENT 888 / uffiliates warning, joseph dvir


    I write with warning to all about the 888/ uffiliate scheme, and ask for advice.

    After 13 months, a slow but steady supply of customers, in October I eventually saw a reasonable return of about $800 due.
    It was at this point I received a '180 day suspension' whilst they looked at my account for 'potential fraud traffic'.
    No reasons were given, just an automated email.

    As it happens, there can be no reason for the suspension.
    However, there is no need for me to discuss that in order to highlight the fraudulent business practice with 888/ uffiliates.

    1- Despite 7 emails merely asking for reasons or some background to the suspension- I have heard nothing back at all.
    The forums mention this communication problem, but we need to realise it also gives them carte blanche to do as they wish without justification, and it makes it clear they are not interested in affiliates

    2- Affiliate manager Joseph Dvir was happy to answer emails when we were setting the accnt up- he now ignores my requests for feedback which I find particularly distasteful.

    I can take absolutely anything at all if reasons are given, to stand fair trial and have a right to reply- anything.
    It is against any code in any business and for any morally sound human to make judgement or take action against them without reason- this man Joseph Dvir ignores me despite enthusiastically communicating when it suited.
    He now ignores my emails and allows for me to be cast aside with this automated email and no reasons or discussion at all.

    3- This 'suspension' and judgement truly affects my life.
    I am merely trying to earn a living.
    I built up my account over 13mnths with 888, then, not only do I not receive the 1st reasonable commission, I also have all my work cast aside- without discussion, reasons- notthing, total ignorance of my emails.

    4- I am a gentleman, I am beside myself at the fact such a motion with such effect can happen without anybody having the humanity to explain it and play fair.
    If there are any reasons I would be delighted to discuss them!

    Any advice on how to escalate would be appreciated.

    Otherwise, I am building a case to completely discredit this scheme and individuals involved- they have the right to suspend any account, but they are criminal to do so without any reason and without any kind of response.

    If we allow this practice to continue it sets a dangerous precedent for us all across the board.

    Thanks guys

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    This is hardly new behaviour. 888.con are well known for their anti-affiliate procedures.
    Why did you ignore all the warnings and start with 888.con in the first place?

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    This kind of crap is what to expect if you deal with the 888 affiliate program. Better take your loss as a hard-paid lesson and start with more trustable programs.

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    I have absolutely no respect for and nothing good to say about 888 or their affiliate program. I've been bitten by them several times in the past, and the forum posts about their rogue behavior are countless.

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    I can confirm the behavior of Joseph Dvir. After incredible effort def. not worth ofmy time and nerves, I got some response, when there was a problem. They threw in some pennies just keep my mouth shut (I believe completely random amount).

    The advice is: move on and do not build up your reputation only on your high self-esteem. Here is everything about money and reputation. The repuatation game is being played differently. Some programs are just crooks that look like affiliate, some are crooks only sometimes or to somebody or at certain situation and only a few are honest or close to honest. If you work with someone, you must look for their reputation. What you read on affiliate forums is mostly accurate.
    There is no upper age limit but people over 60 years old are not recommended to trade bitcoin in consideration of price volatility and risk tolerance.

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    888 are definitely shady. In the same bracket as Will Hill, Israel-based dodginess.

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