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    Default The Virus Fallout for Gambling: APCW Perspectives for 27 March, 2020

    The Virus Fallout for Gambling

    The fallout continues for the global gaming
    industry amid the Coronavirus pandemic.
    Land based casinos have closed their doors,
    sports bettors have nothing to bet on, and
    online gambling sites are reaping the benefits.
    How long will this last?
    And what are the potential consequences?


    Links to News Stories:

    Welcome LiliBet:
    US Casinos Close:
    UK Casinos & Shops Close:
    UKGC Guidance for Operators:
    Gambling Share Prices:
    BetOnAces Closure:
    bet365 Employee Support:

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    I believe that things will still continue to get worse all over the world before they actually start getting better for everyone. I've never seen anything quite like this coronavirus before in my life. Nothing that I can think of even comes close to it. Scientists have to work quickly to find a vaccination against it, or at least, even just some type of a treatment for it as soon as possible. This disease is really devastating and scary and I'm constantly aware of it and thinking about it, making me feel on edge wherever I go. A very helpful video my friend and I look forward to next week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cash Bonus View Post
    I'm constantly aware of it and thinking about it, making me feel on edge wherever I go.
    You should only be going outside if, and only if, it's essential. EG - to buy groceries, medications etc. Other than that, self isolate. ScoMo and all other State politicians have been saying this for last week or so. If you don't have to attend work, stay home.

    The Victorian Gov., went one further and said (words to the affect of): Visiting the mall, to buy a new pair of shoes, IS NOT ESSENTIAL.

    Breaking that message down further... Unless it's for food/medication (essentials)... STAY THE F#CK HOME!!!

    This virus can't be contained, when people are going out willy nilly.
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    Hello J.Todd! Yes, it clearly appears that your digital fingerprint is now required for interaction. Be it a social network, blog, forum, site. These are realities.
    The world can go online, where it is possible, and where it is not, there will most likely be a difficult stop of communications. This is already looming, online sales have grown, and owners are investing in scaling their online sites - that's a fact! The casino has the same path. Ground-based casinos can only work illegally, or invest in their digital image.

    Whatever happens in the near future, you need to live today, to interact today, to enjoy life today!
    “We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand” — Randy Pausch

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