Hi everyone!

I want to first go ahead and introduce myself; I'm Dario Va the affiliate manager here.

I've been in internet/email marketing for over 6 or so years now, in this industry and others as well. I've produced very good results across the board with most of the major CPA Networks out there and have met some really good people along the way. One of which landed me this position here which makes me a noob to this side, so be easy on me. I'm excited to be on this side though and look forward to meeting a lot of you here at GPWA!

At 777Dealer with me on board are looking at affiliates at a different perspective... We're partners! Because without you, there is no me! So if there’s anything I can do to make your life easier and make you more successful, let me know. I'll be here to answer any questions you may have.

A brief overview of what we have to offer, for our rev-share partners you earn anywhere from 20% to 37% net revenue for the life of your players. There is no negative carry-over which is very nice.

We also have CPA for those of you that want that money upfront. Starting CPA for all partners is $100 for the first 5-10 players, then we will review the account and increase that amount appropriately.

We also have the hybrid of the two which is available upon request.